Nude Yoga Peacock in Lotus Pose

Nude Yoga Peacock in Lotus Pose

Good health to all nude yoga practitioners! Today we will feature the Peacock in Lotus Pose. This is another yoga pose you need to jot down in your yoga journal. Mayurasana is one of the best detoxifying poses. This yoga pose is one of the first 15 asanas ever to be written down. And the first Yogis performing asana know its monumental health benefits.


The 15th and 16th century yogic sage in India, Yogi Swatmarama, best known for compiling the Hatha Yoga Pradipika – which introduced the system of Hatha Yoga, wrote: “Mayurasana quickly alleviates all diseases like enlargement of the glands, dropsy (edema) and other stomach disorders. It rectifies imbalance of the humours (vata, pitta and kapha). It reduces to ashes all food taken indiscriminately, kindles the gastric fire and enables destruction of kalakuta (toxins).


This certain yoga pose is named Peacock because of its strong, tonifying effect on the digestive system. It is said that a peacock can eat a vast range of foods which includes insects like scorpions, and even poisonous snake! The peacock can digest the poison of these animals without being harmed!


Put this down on your yoga journal! If you include the Peacock in Lotus Pose in your nude yoga sessions, it will help you improve your digestion. So basically, the benefits you get form this yoga pose are: it will promote elimination of toxins, especially from the liver; it will invigorate the entire body; it increases blood circulation throughout the abdominal organs; it also relieves many digestive ailments; your stomach will be massaged, thus strengthening it; it is beneficial for those with diabetes; it revitalize the pancreas; for lady nude yoga practitioners, it can relieve menstrual disorders and painful menstruation; tones and supports the reproductive organs and sexual function; decrease acidity in the blood, especially when executed in the morning; and it can also make your wrists, elbows, and shoulders strong.


Again, when practicing the erotic art, it should be executed with respect. To protect you from any harm, if you have wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries it is better to avoid performing the Peacock in Lotus Pose during your naked yoga sessions. It’s only common sense to avoid this yoga pose if you are pregnant, during menstruation, and if you have serious intestinal problems. It would be best if you avoid this yoga pose if you have ulcer, heart disease, hernia, high blood pressure, brain tumors, and ear, eye, or nose infections.


Yoga works only if you do it right. There’s no sense in hitting the yoga studios if you are going to injure yourself due to neglect. Safety first before anything else and we promise you that you will enjoy the benefits that naked yoga can give you. Enjoy the erotic art and live well!

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