Nude Yoga Half Lotus

The Erotic Art of the Nude Yoga Half Lotus Pose


Nude yoga is an erotic art that needs agility, flexibility, and tons of patience. Going through the many yoga poses the naked yoga offers is not a walk in the park. You have to be serious in learning this erotic art to achieve the many benefits it offers.


Today’s nude yoga pose is the Half Lotus Pose. Known in India as the Ardha Padmasana or Ardha Kamalasana this yoga poses is suitable for meditation. The Indian word Ardha means Half, while Padma or Kamala means Lotus.


The Half Lotus Posture is an intermediate yoga pose for a beginner who’s having a difficult time sitting comfortably in the Full Lotus yoga pose. It would be easy for naked yoga beginners to sit in the Half Lotus Pose at the beginning then switch later on once they achieve comfortableness in executing the Full Lotus posture. It’s better to jot it down on your yoga journal so you’ll be reminded of what to do in case you are not yet comfortable with the Full Lotus.


As we have mentioned, naked yoga is an erotic art where you can get lots of health benefits once you start practicing it. This particular yoga pose, the Half Lotus Pose, helps decrease excess fat in the body particularly in the abdominal region. It also aids the digestive and excretory systems to function better. Also, this yoga pose helps ease pain in the knees, ankles, and back. People suffering from insomnia and asthma will benefit greatly if they include this yoga pose in their naked yoga sessions.


The Half Lotus Pose will keep your mind focused since it requires you to sit upright. This particular yoga pose is best for practicing Breath Control (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), Concentration (Dharana), and Self-realization (Samadhi) during your naked yoga sessions.


Remember, yoga works! So better share the benefits of naked yoga to the people who are yearning for a healthier life. Introduce a friend to the yoga studios and show them how hot yoga is, and how beneficial it can be!

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Nude Yoga

  Yoga is the union of the human mind, human body and the spirit and has variations such as hatha yoga and birkam yoga. Nude Yoga is simply yoga postures or poses performed while you are nude or naked.

Nude Yoga works and gives corepower as well as being a highly erotic expression of the naked human body

Nude Yoga is hot yoga and there are yoga studios all over that are now bringing nude yoga to the people of the world.


Erotic Art

  Nude Yoga as erotic art is naked and nude pictures of the human body in erotic yoga poses from nude yoga studies worldwide.

The naked human body is a natural and sensual expression that people should not be ashamed of. The beauty of the erotic art of the human body has existed and been exhibited for many centuries worldwide.

Erotic art online on the internet and web are merely new forms of showing the naked and nude human body, such as Nude Yoga World.


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